《Secote Listener》The first phase starts publication
Release date:2016-04-28    Browse volume: 2213

On June 9, 2014, Secote press<<Secote Listener>> started publication. With the sound of fireworks, Secote stuffs signed their names one by one on the publication banner for memorizing the special moment and got copies of the press.

 <<Secote Listener>> is readings among Secote stuffs and also be shown to business partner. The press is divided into four parts—A general information, B culture cultivation, C staff presence, D happy life, which aim at introducing Socote achievements in various fields and new information inside the company. It is necessary to broadcast Secote image, spread culture value and share related information. <<Secote Listener>> marks Secote culture moving forward a big step and it is the mature milestone of Secote culture. With the publication of <<Secote Listener>>, we can publicize and build Secote culture better, broaden communication channel between internal and external Secote, strengthen brand power, enhance culture competition and team cooperation, which promotes development of Secote constantly.

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