Secote held a gratitude activity theme as“Gratitude to kinship, being in Secote”
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For expressing appreciation to families support on our staffs, Secote held a gratitude activity theme as“Gratitude to kinship, being in Secote”on June ,1, 2014.

Concerning families of all stuffs, Happiness group paid for traveling expenses, held the getting-together party with designing elaborately a series of activities---visiting Secote, knowing Secote, Stuff presentation, Families appreciation, Children show, buffet and so on. Secote is grateful to those people who are dedicated to Secote business and development with all of their youth and wisdom. Furthermore, Secote appreciates that families can support stuffs hardworking without any complaint and holding back the steps. All families’members thanked invitation and reception with full happiness from Secote.. Secote left them a deep impression with tidy environment and influential culture. So they were relived that their families keep working in such a joyous and substantial enterprise. Secote is developing faster and faster with full hope that all stuffs are hardworking persistently.

Secote always taking a talent value develops till now-------respecting employees and caring employees. In the future, Secote will keep trying and constant development, which ensure a bigger opportunity for all employees’career development. This activity delivers Secote enterprise value—love, responsibility, devotion and gratitude, which highlight belonging of stuffs, who can learn to understand, appreciate and think for others.

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