Qinyuanchun. Secote
Release date:2016-04-28    Browse volume: 1547

Economy booms in Europe and the US, while oriental countries are more prosperous. 
Within Kunshan and Suzhou, many foreign companies exist.
Private companies all over China emerge like mushrooms after rain,
from eastern Shanghai and Jiangsu to southern Fujian and Guangdong.
and from western Sichuang and Chongqin to norther Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.
Since market is this full,
Many companies have suffered losses.
Only Secote sees the rising,
 for it has been introducing talents nationally, 
for it treats the wise with courtesy and aids industry and business. 
Economy grows up stably.
Secote is ambitious and intends to forge the flourishment of China
That’s what Secote pursue. 
Wish Secote more great success in the future.

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