Secote Institute of Technology

Committed to cooperating with top universities,
Cultivate and deliver high-level elite talents for Sai Teng and the society,
Senior technical talents and on-site reserve talents,
Its subsidiaries include Huangpu Class, Craftsman Class and Order Class.

Secote Leadership Training Institute

committed to improve team management level, including team leader and execution level staffs and providing fresh management blood to the team, regularly launching boutique management courses, domestic development training, academic exchanges in foreign industries, etc.

Management level

Efficient management

New manager

Secote Skills Learning Platform

committed to create a learning organization in Secote, including new recruits to job promotion, project development to product execution, ordinary work to evening class, professional teacher to micro-classroom/video teaching, corporate culture to traditional Chinese culture. The target is to improve employees' learning ability and strive for greatness in technical level, better production level in releasing personal value.

Career Improvement

Project R&D
Production Execution

Daily work
Night school study

Professional Books
Micro Classroom / Video

Corporate Culture
Traditional Chinese Studies